Oct 302019

Abdallah Old Fashioned Root Beer Drops Back when I did my Duluth trip to hunt root beers, we made sure to stop at Tobies in Hinkley on the way back. Tobie’s is a bakery that makes famous caramel rolls. Stopping at Tobies is something of a tradition for all travelers to Duluth I’m told. So who am I to stop tradition. While there I found these root beer drops. Abdallah is a candy maker in Minnesota that’s been around since 1909, so though they aren’t made at Tobies, at least they’re a local brand that you can’t buy just anywhere. Their website calls these “Sanded Root Beer Drops” but that label clearly calls them “Old Fashioned” so I’m going with the label. These are only my second root beer drops, and I wonder if they are just like these other.

It has a nice classic root beer stand flavor that’s lighter and spicier than most hard candies I’ve tried. There’s less licorice and wintergreen. Dare I say it almost has a sharp sort of bite in there.

All in all it’s very well balanced and delicious. I like these and also that they’re a bit different that the other root beer flavored hard candies I’ve had recently. Definitely worth snagging if you see them.