Nov 052011

Seal of ApprovalThe new website layout officially launches! It’s not perfect but few things are. The new site will be updated regularly with blog posts and other additions. There are some new recipes, a more detailed root beer history, and so much more. Also I just posted my 99th review! So sing 99 Bottles of Root Beer on the Wall for each review so far. To celebrate I am having a wonderful launch party with some quality Seal of Approval Brews, a root beer cake, and A&W floats. It is a good day to be a root beer lover.

An A&W Root Beer Cake for the Launch Party

Oct 292011

So who is the greatest folk hero of 19th Century America? That is hotly debated by many. But all agree that the second greatest was none other than Samuel L. Root, who among other great accomplishments, invented Root beer. Read the Legend of Samuel L. Root.