Mar 112015

Central Coast Brewing Company Old Fashioned Root Beer Bottle This one’s pretty unique is that it comes from a small brewery and it’s actually bottled. Many, many breweries make their own root beer, but few of them go to the trouble of bottling it. Even fewer put it in only 22 ounce bottles so it’s of epic root beer proportions. I’ve had exactly one other type of root beer in a 22 ounce bottle at the time of writing this, also from California coincidentally. I heard about it from another website and sent them an email asking to order some. I waited for a long time and gave up on them. Then a couple of months later they responded saying that my email was in their spam folder. That’s the problem with putting the website url in my signature I’m sure. Oh well. I got a six-pack which is pretty massive. On reading the label I noticed that it said “No Preservatives – Keep Refrigerated” Which is also something you seldom encounter with a root beer. It was nice though because my wife only likes to drink natural, non-preserved root beer, so I could share some of each bottle with her. My mug is only 20 ounces after all and though the ingredients and nutritional information isn’t labeled anywhere, I figured it’s close enough to being all natural.

The Body is somewhat rich with a full sassafras flavor complimented by some light vanilla and wintergreen hints. The Bite is very nice with a bit of spice that I can’t place and some carbonation burn. The Head is very tall but only moderately frothy. It fizzes down quickly but the last bit lingers awhile. The Aftertaste is light vanilla and wintergreen that vanishes seconds after you swallow. It’s the biggest flaw in this I feel.

This is pretty middle of the road as far as root beers go. It doesn’t really take any chances in the flavor department so probably the majority of root beer fans will find it pleasant enough. Though it’s an all around solid brew, it doesn’t really move me the way my favorites do. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

Mar 042015

Old Soaker Root Beer BottleFor a brewery that only started in 1995, I’m really surprised they were able to get the name they did. I mean, the Atlantic Ocean is pretty big and borders a lot of states and towns which have existed for hundreds of years. And you mean to tell me, that in all that time, in all of those places, no one thought of naming their brewery after the gigantic ocean next to them? You’d think that name would have been snapped up in colonial times. But it wasn’t. And even for The Atlantic Brewing Company, it wasn’t their first choice. Go figure. The Old Soaker part is a treacherous granite ledge that is only visible at low tide which has lead to the sinking of many a ships probably, hopefully. If it didn’t I’d wonder why they called it the Soaker. I really like the label. It seems there are more and more ships on the labels lately.

The Body is sweet and creamy with vanilla and caramel hints, but it doesn’t taste quite complete. There’s something missing that should be in there that I just can’t place. The Bite is solid and spicy with a smooth finish. The Head is phenomenal! It’s so tall and frothy I couldn’t pour the whole bottle at once. The Aftertaste is light vanilla and something slightly bitter, not my favorite.

This kind of reminds me of the Intergalactic Root Beer, in that it doesn’t taste whole. It is a decent brew with some bonus points for that amazing Head, but it just feels lacking in some way. The slightly bitter Aftertaste is also a drawback. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

Feb 282015

Myers Avenue Red Root Beer BottleMy dad found this one in his internet searches for new root beers the year after I got back from my mission. He thought it was the coolest concept, a red root beer, so he had to try it. The red is from the cinnamon which was something else that got him excited. Myers is a root beer with a storied past. Supposedly in 1893 the original maker of the soda invented the root beer float, inspired by the snow on top of the black Cow Mountain which reminded him of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. He called it a black cow, after the mountain. Interestingly, I’ve never actually had a root beer float with a Myers before. My dad loved this root beer above all others and always kept a store of it. I awarded it the Seal of Approval. Then one day, the stuff I got for him was, different, much different. I thought it was a bad batch, but we noticed that the ingredients and nutritional info were different. We got more and it still tasted rancid. I talked to the people at The Root Beer Store and they too, noticed the difference. They even called the company who swear it’s the same, despite the ingredients difference. I gave them some time, to sort it all out, and then bought two bottles to do what needed to be done.

The Body is overpoweringly fruity and sour. There’s a little hint of cinnamon in there but it’s not a spicy cinnamon, more just the flavor so it doesn’t really mix with the fruity sour at all. The Bite is very sour and acidic. The Head is super tall, as it used to be, rivaling the other top root beer Heads. The Aftertaste is more fruity with a little cinnamon and the slightest hint of vanilla.

What have you done Myers? What have you done? I’ve never seen a brew fall so far or so hard. How can you even pretend that this is the same? It’s an insult to anyone who ever drank it. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I know that a root beer float with this would also taste nasty. You’ve betrayed us all. Now you are fallen. See how it rates against other root beers.

1.5 out of 5 kegs