Feb 012017

New York Seltzer Root Beer Soda BottleFinally, I’ve gotten a hold of a clear root beer. I’ve been trying to do so since the beginning. Since that Snapple Tru Root Beer that I just missed in the late 90s. Then there was Tommy’s Naked Righteous Root Beer, that I also missed. So when someone tipped me off about this stuff, I had to buy it, no matter the price. Thankfully, the price wasn’t much so I didn’t break the bank. This is the second root beer to come in a little stubby clear bottle. The first was Dr. Brown’s which was also from New York. It must be a thing over there. Though I’ve long wanted to try a clear root beer, I don’t actually have very high expectations, since root beer, if made from it’s original ingredients would have color and it says “All Natural”. So with that in mind I unscrewed the cap and gave it a try.

The Body is mild and generic, but decently sweet and quite refreshing. There’s a hint of fruity to it but it is surprisingly not bad. There isn’t really much Bite other than carbonation burn, and even that is light. The Head is horrible. Classic “Two-second Head”. The Aftertaste is some vanilla and fruity – mild, but not bad.

I was surprised by this as I really thought it would be horrible, but it isn’t bad. It is actually quite refreshing and yet still tastes like a root beer. But it isn’t really a good root beer, what with no Head nor Bite and with such a mild taste. So I don’t think I would drink it again. See how it rates against other root beers.

2.5/5 Root Beer Kegs

Jan 252017

Doggone Good Butterscotch Root Beer BottleAnother premium gourmet root beer. This one comes from Orange, CA. The company specializes in small batch private labels with their own recipes for several flavors including root beer and butterscotch root beer. They also sell under their own name, but when they do, they don’t label it, ironically, but just wrap a tag around the bottle with twine. It’s a fancy spring top bottle that’s wax sealed. I’ve never had a waxed sealed spring top bottle before. When I learned about this I asked one of my Tesla Motors Club friends, Paul, to get me some when he was down at Disneyland. He tried to get their plain root beer as well, but they were out of stock the two times he went. Oh well. He gave it to me at TMC Connect. But I was planning on flying home so I gave it to another friend, to drive up to Seattle for me, but then I ended up doing a last minute road trip with Paul all the way home. So then I had to wait for my other friends and then, finally, I got to drink this fancy brau.

The Body is heavy on butterscotch, and light on root beer. And when I say light I mean virtually non-existent. There isn’t much Bite and yet it isn’t smooth either. Even the Head is disappointing it’s only a medium height but is gone far too quickly. The Aftertaste is more butterscotch.

So this is a tasty butterscotch soda, but not a strong root beer. It reminds me of butter beer I’ve had that some people made at some Harry Potter party. I’d drink it again because it is yummy. But if I were craving a nice root beer, this wouldn’t be a first choice. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs

Jan 182017

Root Naturals Apothecary Craft Soda Root Beer Bottle This root beer gets its start back in 1937 when a fellow by the name of Deno Spaccarelli opened an apothecary in Cincinnati. In addition to prescriptions he made custom sodas at the fountain. Some 80 years later, the last Deno Apothecary closed, and his descendants decided to keep the family tradition alive by bottling three flavors of Apothecary Sodas, cream soda, black cherry, and this root beer. I have a hard time getting the proper name of this brew. As the bottle says “Apothecary Craft Soda” and “Root Naturals” while the website calls it “Apothecary Root Beer”. As you can see I went with a mix of website and label. I actually really like the label, with all of the plants and just shades of brown and black with old-timey fonts. It looks like some archaic apothecary scroll for some elixir of heath or something. This is also an all natural soda with no preservatives so I had to drink it quickly after I received it.

The Body is sweet and a little fruity with herbal and vanilla flavors. It’s got a mild Bite but isn’t overly smooth. The Head is nice and tall. It fizzes down a little quicker than I’d prefer but still fine. The Aftertaste is a fruity, herbal, and vanilla. The herbal isn’t the nasty bitter sort, so it’s okay.

This wasn’t really my favorite, but it isn’t bad. It does taste like something an apothecary would mix up from any a different herbs and roots and things. I wish it didn’t have that fruity tinge to it. Even so, it’s still a drinkable brew, just not top tier. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs