Jun 152022

Brew number two from DERMS Does Dallas trip! That’s right, you think I’d go there and only come back with one? This was a rather serendipitous find, as I didn’t know they even had root beer until I was walking home from the convention on Tuesday evening and saw Pegasus Brewing Company. I thought I’d duck in and see if they had root beer and they did! But, they were closing down, as Cisco was having their hospitality event there that night. I thought about crashing, but I did have my own event to get to, so I decided to return the next day, at 4 PM, when they opened before I needed to head to the airport. They recognized me instantly, probably due to the fact that no one else had ever come in and make such a big deal about them having a root beer.

The Body is bitter and light with wintergreen as the dominant flavor initially. It isn’t particularly sweet either. The Bite is mild though present and a little harsh. The Head is medium height and staying power and they easily make you a foamy pint. The Aftertaste is complex with caramel notes on the backend that almost seems to have hints of nutty. It is the best part of the brew and grows stronger as you drink it.

Well, this was not nearly as good my other Dallas root beer. In fact, at first drink I’d say it’s quite bad. However, that complex Aftertaste does raise it considerably, but not enough for me to even call this Drinkable. At least they have a root beer at all.

2.5/5 Root Beer Kegs
The Pegasus Brewing Company bar and taps.

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