Dec 012021

Potosi Root Beer BottleSeal of ApprovalI’ve been searching for this for a long time. I’ve known about it for years but could never actually get a hold of it. Then finally, when I went to the Museum of root beer grand opening, they had it on tap, but I wanted to drink lots of other root beer there as well, so I didn’t drink it. But they also were selling bottles which solved everything. I bought two. Potosi is made in Potosi, WI, where the National Brewery Museum is, evidently. I’ve never been there but I assume they give this to non-beer drinkers who go visit the museum. It says on the bottle that all profits go to charity. I assume that means the Brewery Museum, but maybe there are also other charities. It doesn’t say. I don’t really care. I just want good root beer.

The Body is full flavored with honey, sarsaparilla accented by a bit of vanilla. It’s super sweet and sticky as well. I like it. The Bite is spicy with a decently smooth finish. The Head is supremely tall and foamy so pour carefully. The Aftertaste is honey and aged sarsaparilla. I wish there were a bit more vanilla to it, but it’s still really good.

This is quite nice. I like it. Good honey, smooth finish. Shame there isn’t more creamy vanilla but I could drink this, a lot. Now I feel I should visit that brewery museum, or at least just drink this on tap next time I see it. See how it rates against other root beer.

4 kegs

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