May 192021

Old Mill Root Beer Barrels

I was at Menard’s the other day, trying to get Sprecher Caffeinated Root Beer, which supposedly could be found there, I had just grabbed some Hank’s from Hardware Hank … what is it with hardware stores and root beer? Anyways, I couldn’t find it but I did find this so the trip was not all in vain. Old Mill is candy company I’ve not heard of before. These candies are, according to the label are packaged by LMH Quality Products in Makato, MN. So local. But reading further on the label says its a product of Mexico. Wait they make root beer barrels in Mexico? Since when? Mexico doesn’t really even do root beer. But there’s more! “May be produced with genetic engineering”. What? How does one genetically engineer something whose ingredients are sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavors and artificial colors? So many questions. So few answers. My head cannon is that they’ve genetically engineered a tree down there in Mexico, which oozes root beer barrel sap, and all they have to do is mold it and dry it to make these candies. Truly a marvel and horror of our modern age. Anyways. How are these genetically engineered abominations?

It has a sweet balanced root beer flavor. Unlike some root beer barrels, there isn’t a super strong wintergreen flavor. It reminds me more of a root beer stand type brew. It’s spicy and sweet and yummy and really hits the spot if you have a root beer candy craving.

They’re actually some of the better root beer barrels I’ve ever had. You can tell these are truly the product of a multinational mad science experiment into the forbidden realms of root beer candy creation.

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