Feb 032021

Thunder Beast Texas Edition American Root Beer Bottle I like it when a root beer brewer makes more than one flavor. Thunder Beast has done two before, and now they’ve got a Texas Edition to add to their lineup. They’ve also added the tagline “Fight Monsters” which is related to the fact that Monster Energy is currently engaged in a trademark bullying campaign against them because Monster is in fact a known and despicable trademark bully. Seriously, I hate trademark bullies. A pox upon them! May all manner of misfortune befall all of the managers and lawyers at Monster for their crimes against root beer. Also Thunderbeast is donating a percentage of their profits to fight human trafficking and bullying, so they’re fighting monsters in another sense as well. Good on them. I don’t know why this particular brew is called Texas Edition. It says that Thunder Beast LLC is from Austin Texas when I was sure they were originally a DC company, so maybe that’s it? Their new recipe now that their HQ is in Texas? It doesn’t really say on their website. Anyhow how does it taste?

The Body has a distinct burned sugar taste, like the top of a crème brulée, which mingles with some honey and sassafras. It’s isn’t very sweet by root beer standards and there’s a fruity tinge. The Bite is harsh from the carbonation yet lacking in spice. The Head is good and tall but fizzes down quickly. The Aftertaste is that burnt sugar that ends on the fruity notes.

I really want to like this more, because I like the concept of Thunder Beast. That burned sugar is good and the root beer is unique, but it still needs a lot more to be better than just Drinkable. Oh well. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs

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