Feb 122020

For nearly the past 10 years, I’ve reliably provided a weekly Wednesday post, mostly root beer reviews, but starting last year, other root beer related things. However, lately there’s been way too much going on in work and at home and trying to start a YouTube Channel and many many other things and I need to take a step back for a bit so I don’t suffer a burn out. What does that mean? Well, I’m still going to have a new, bottle root beer review on the first Wednesday of every month, but in between things are going be be a bit sparser for the foreseeable future.

I still plan to write root beer related posts as well as root beer reviews of the draft and stand variety that have often graced this blog, but I really need to eliminate some of my deadlines in life so I can enjoy it, and my root beer, a little bit more. I’ll get back to regular weekly posting at some point, fear not. But until some of these things get sorted out a bit more. I need sabbatical as it were. Signing off for a bit, but see you soon.

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