Oct 092019

Root Beer Cotton Candy

In early August I went to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store to sweep it from top to bottom looking for any and all things root beer. They also have a nice soda selection and found three new bottled varieties. I also got a nice haul of new candies, though not as many as I expected. This cotton candy was probably the last one I found. Chocolate Storybook has been around since 1985 and makes chocolates and sweets for masterful gift items. Their cotton candy is hand spun and has many traditional as well as quite unique flavors including Spicy Jalapeno, BBQ Sauce, and Trump Hair. All of those seem interesting to try, but I’m more interested in the root beer flavor.

It has a strong generic, creamy root beer flavor. There’s almost a fizzy texture that you get as it all melts in your mouth and it also seems like there’s a bit of spices in there. The whole experience is nice and balanced between strength of the flavor and fizzy fluffiness of the texture to really give a nice root beer feel.

I like this. Yet, I’m not usually big on buying cotton candy in a tub, as I feel it’s more of a fair/circus sort of food that you eat off of the paper cone. I’d love to get this directly from the source in that manner. Still. It’s yummy, so you won’t be disappointed with it.

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