Mar 062019

Foodhold Root Beer BottleBack in April, when I was in New Jersey, I met anthony and traded for this brew. It’s made for Foodhold, USA, which is a company that makes food for supermarkets, it seems. I googled it and I couldn’t get a straight answer for what exactly Foodhold is, other than there were a lot of complaints about their products. Putting it in Google Maps didn’t come up with any locations so I’m assuming it isn’t a store that I don’t know about. I didn’t even ask anthony where he got it. Yeah, I’m much lazier than I once was, and I don’t care to do more investigating. Anyone’s welcome to tell me off in the comments for not making your lives easier, or better yet, tell me what Foodhold actually is so everyone can know. I’ll be more diligent in the future, I promise. It has a very generic sort of label, but I like it. All the black and what not.

The Body has a nice sweet sarsaparilla flavor that isn’t of the fruity type, more on the spice side. The Bite is mild in total spices, yet prickly with carbonation. The Head is of medium height, but fizzes away quickly. The Aftertaste is of sarsaparilla.

So year, it’s a pleasant enough drink, but nothing at all special. It seems like a middle of the road sarsaparilla type, though I don’t review sarsaparillas so I can’t say how good or not it is as one of those, but as a root beer. It’s not bad. Nay, it’s beyond not bad, it’s down right drinkable! See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs

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  1. I got it at a Stop & Shop in NJ. Foodhold, from what I know, is the parent company of Food Lion, Giant Food, GIANT Food Stores, Hannaford, and Stop & Shop. So this was potentially in all those stores.

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