Jan 092019
Theo Root Beer Barrel Chocolate BarSo my first root beer product review in my new format. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading these as much as much standard root beer reviews, or at least they’ll be like, three keg blog posts, “drinkable” as it were, enough to get you through to the good times of proper reviews. If you think of any way to improve these, do let me know in the comments. Anyways, what to pick for my very first? I picked this Theo Root Beer Barrel 55% Dark Chocolate bar because one of my coworkers was kind enough to anonymously leave it on my desk. How very kind of them. I did eventually find out who it was after a few wrong guesses, and I am going to publicly say, thank you Brian, you’re the best! So Theo is an organic fair trade chocolate company coming out of my old stomping grounds of Seattle. They have a bunch of different specialty flavors including this root beer barrel one. I’ve had root beer barrels before (I’ll write about them soon enough) but never mixed with chocolate. So how is this?

It’s a nice dark chocolate with crunch coming from crushed root beer barrel candy. The flavor of the root beer barrels doesn’t really come through much at all. It does seems to enhance the chocolate a bit, but it’s still so subtle I doubt I’d be able to tell it was root beer barrels if I weren’t told.

It’s a nice chocolate bar, yet it leaves me disappointed as a root beer lover, since the root beer didn’t shine. Maybe a chocolate connoisseur would appreciate it more than a root beer connoisseur, but I got to call it as I see it. Good dark chocolate, poor root beer chocolate. So do I recommend it? Not if you’re looking for a root beer flavored candy, but it is a good chocolate bar.

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