Oct 102018

Sky Valley Root Beer BottleSeldom do you find an organic root beer. Even rarer is one that isn’t some diet abomination. A friend, The Root Beer Tracker found this and we set up a trade. After he mailed it I realized that I could have just bought it at Whole Foods and saved myself some shipping, oh well, I got to share some root beer love. The brew itself is made by Sky Valley Foods in Danville, VA. They have slightly lower than average sugar but are by no means a diet. The bottle is rather plain, with not much other than the bear and the name. Plus they mention it’s organic, twice. Three times if you count the USDA Organic seal. Five if you count the back of the label. Nine if you count the ingredients as well. And 10 if you count their website. Basically they want to make sure that anywhere you look you’ll see at least three mentions of organic, in case there was any doubt. I personally couldn’t care less about organic, but I do care about taste and Head and whatnot.

The Body is not very sweet. There’s vanilla and a decent core with some slight licorice notes, but then there is some strange aged, fruity, sour, flavor that surfaces. Perusing the ingredients shows apple cider vinegar, which fits the flavor perfectly. Why would they do that? There really is no Bite to speak of. None whatsoever, a big gaping hole is all there is. For the lack of Bite, it is only sort of smooth. The Head is decent, both with height and staying power. The Aftertaste is vanilla and apple cider vinegar. Again, why would they do that?

Seriously, they lost me with apple cider vinegar. I can’t think of anyone, who, drinking a root beer, thought to themselves, “you know what this needs, some apple cider vinegar” Yet that’s what they’ve made. It really just messes the whole thing up. It’d be okay without that, but with it, no good at all. Just stay clear of this one. See how it rates against other root beers.

2 out of 5 root beer kegs

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  1. Thanks I save my money !

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