Feb 282018

Country Folk Root Beer Bottle Country Folk Soda is a recent company to pop up. It’s brewed and bottled for Crown Valley Branson, which is a distillery with bistro and there’s a winery there too. The winery is where the Fizzy Izzy comes from. If it seems a bit confusing, its because the websites for this place are various, and the particular website listed on the bottle of this Country Folk doesn’t even work. Alas! The soda line itself says its “an old fashioned soda for downhome country folks.” There are eight flavors and each one has a different folk on it. The root beer’s is a one Bobby Joe. He’s described as “a good ol’ boy who loves to have fun and get rowdy.” He’s also afraid of critters, evidently. I don’t know if this is based on any real person or not. So many questions, so few answers. And I know that your only question is really, “how does this rate as a root beer?” I’m getting to it.

The Body is sweet and spicy and fruity with vanilla, kind of a sarsaparilla fruity. It’s an odd combination but it works surprisingly well. There is a nice zippy Bite from the spices a plenty. The Head is excellent! It’s what a root beer Head should be. The Aftertaste is more of the fruity sarsaparilla and vanilla.

Yeah, um, this is kind of weird as a root beer but I guess fine as a soda. So I wouldn’t drink it if I were in the mood for a root beer, but if you poured it into a glass and didn’t tell me what it was supposed to be, I’d probably enjoy it well enough. See how it rates against other root beers.

2.5/5 Root Beer Kegs

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