Jan 172018

Frost Creek Root Beer BottleSeal of Approval Frost Creek Beverage is from Texas has been around for over 15 years. They recently have turned their flavor expertise to craft sodas and make a line of seven flavors including their root beer. They use only triple filtered water and pure cane sugar, no HFCS. I was thrown off at first, since the label seems to be the same dimensions and materials as some of the private label stuff. Contacting the company revealed that the sodas are all their own formulae, but they are mixed and bottled by two different bottlers, depending on the region. That makes sense, a lot of guys do it that way. They’ve got a nice and simple, yet classic looking label, which I really like.

The Body is sweet and rich with creamy vanilla wrapped around a spicy sassafras core. There’s even a hint of wintergreen. The Bite is spicy, but not too much so. It finishes smooth too, so it’s about a perfect Bite. The Head is short, unfortunately, and doesn’t last long. But it isn’t too short and doesn’t fizz away too quickly. The Aftertaste is sweet vanilla; lovely, lovely vanilla.

This is a wonderful brew. I love that spicy and that smooth, sweet vanilla. I wish it were a bit foamier, but it’s still more than enough in all departments. I’m proud to give this one my Seal of Approval. See how it rates against other root beers.

4 kegs

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  1. Drinking a bottle of this now, and surprized at the total lack of the taste you describe. The bottle may be bad, ordered online and its nearly flat and syrupy. I taste almost nothing beyond standard root beer flavor, no hints of spice at all, and none of that vanilla we both love, and absolutely no wintergreen, even if I let it linger and keep waiting for it. Huh.

    I really think this is a bad bottle, especially after it being nearly flat.

    Eric, This is my first post or reply on your blog, and I wanted to thank you for the inspiration for my 2019 new years resolution: drink (and review) 100 different root beers in a single year. Just for my own amusement, and also because I love root beer! I’ve developed an appreciation even for root beers I did not previously care for based largely off of your blog and review system. Thanks to your efforts, I now look for certain things in a root beer that stand out, and appreciate even the qualities I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards. I am up to 53 rootbeers, and largely took June off while enjoying a case of one of my favorites on a fishing trip.

    Thanks again brother!

    Mike O’Mara

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