Jun 072017

Twisted Root Root Beer BottleSeal of Approval From a family owned and operated Ocean City Brewing Company in Ocean City Maryland comes this Twisted root beer, but it’s actually Twisted Root Root Beer, which makes spell check angry. You might think that it’s some mistake of mine, misinterpreting their original intent, but the label picture clearly has trees with twisty roots. For whatever reason they thought the double “root” was a necessity. Perhaps they did it so as to be able to pour it into a square glass and not have it turn into regular beer. If you square root root beer you’ll get beer after all. I should have asked them when I ordered it. I was more concerned about getting them to send me some at all. Some places can be finicky about that sort of thing. It joins Maine Root as the only other brand (that I know of) with the whole double root-ness.

The Body is rich and creamy and sweet and delicious. There’s cinnamon and vanilla accenting the rooty core with caramel undertones. Yum! The Bite is mild and pleasant with a smooth finish. The Head medium and frothy, lingering through the drinking experience. The Aftertaste is a mild vanilla with some hints of wintergreen coming through.

This is a proper root beer. It’s well balanced and has the quintessential creamy root beer flavors, with some added spices for an extra zip, but not too much. This is the sort of root beer you can drink time and again and it’ll never get old. That being said, it doesn’t completely blow me. It get’s 4 kegs and the Seal of Approval. See how it rates against other root beers.

4 kegs

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