May 172017

US Foods Craft Root Beer BottleIn case you hadn’t noticed, craft sodas have really become a thing in the last few year. This is great news for a reviewer of gourmet craft root beers. It’s become so much of a thing that even larger companies are getting into it. US Foods, for those who don’t know, is a large restaurant supplier and wholesaler. They created a Craft Artisan soda line to address our needs of fine craft root beers in our restaurants. They are all natural as well. The picture on the label is some French chef type person. I think he’s a chef. He looks French, with the beret and the striped shirt. His expression is not one you’d expect on a root beer bottle for sure. Despite this coming from a large restaurant wholesaler, they don’t really supply many places in the Puget Sound Area, so I ended up ordering it from Minnesota.

The Body has a nice vanilla and sweet birch flavor accented by spices. It is well proportioned. The Bite is small put present with a bit of cassia and nutmeg burn. The Head is medium but fizzes away very quickly unfortunately. The Aftertaste is a light birch and vanilla.

This is a good one. It has a nice birchy tang to it, but the Head is disappointing. Additionally, it could use a little more rooty depth to it. But it’s definitely worth getting with your meal. I’m glad to see that root beer world is getting this kind of addition. Here’s hoping more companies follow suit. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

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  1. Where did you end up buying it from. I’ve not been having much luck

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