Apr 122017

Ramblin' Root Beer Bottle I like it when I get to taste resurrected brands. Especially if they came from a major company. Ramblin’ was originally introduced in 1979 by none other than The Coca-Cola Company. In the 80’s they even had an ad for it with a cameo by a young Sarah Jessica Parker. Additionally, this brew would often cause classic rock lovers to spontaneously break into either Led Zeppelin or Allman Brothers Band songs (I’m sure it did … I did when I was drinking it…). Yet despite that, sales slowed, and in 1995 Coke decided to Ramble On, as it were, to another root beer, and bought Barq’s, because it had bite, and Johnny could tell the world, or something. And Ramblin’ was relegated to the dust bins of history, or it was until 2015, when Monarch Beverages acquired the brand and the recipe. So now it’s back for us all to enjoy.

First I must say the Head on this is amazing. It is probably the tallest I’ve ever seen. And it has a lot of staying power, so pour with caution, or you’ll be waiting awhile. I’ve never ever said you could have too much of a Head, but this almost makes me think that. The Body is pleasant with a prominent sarsaparilla flavor in a Barq’s-y sort of way. There’s some caramel and vanilla hints as well. The Bite is not very strong though some spice is there. The Aftertaste is vanilla and sarsaparilla mixed so that it almost reminds me of cola.

This is nice, but not quite there, despite the most epic Head ever, I cannot give it a Seal. But it’ll do when gettin’ the Led out. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

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