Mar 292017

Clove Classics Root Beer Bottle This was the last root beer that I reviewed before heading to Utah to do my undergrad at BYU. Since I didn’t have a digital camera at the time, I just put up a stock photo of this that I found online (I apologize if I infringed on anyone’s copyright, I’ve taken down the offending image). It showed this having a silver foil wrapping around the cap of the bottle. The ones I had, however, didn’t come with any fancy silver foil on the caps. My bottle, as you can see, is very plain. As it hailed from Chicago, it has the Sears tower in the background. I have no idea what the building in the foreground is. Maybe some church, maybe their bottling plant, maybe some random building in Chicago that they just really like, or maybe, the location of the hidden scrolls that will give the directions to unlocking the secret to the best root beer in the world, of which this is only a tribute. This was made by the Clover Club Bottling plant as their own house root beer and has since been discontinued. I didn’t know it wouldn’t be around now when I bought it then. I was very lucky.

This has a sweet rich Body with a zippy little Bite. The Aftertaste is some what fruity but not too fruity to be displeasing. The Head however is completely terrible. There is no head at all and it is practically flat.

Another decent brew ruined by the Head. And also, the fruitiness. Yeah, it was an alright brew that clearly wasn’t as good as the Dog n Suds that they also bottle, so I’m not surprised they axed it. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

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