Oct 262016

Seal of ApprovalBottle of AJ Stephans Butterscotch Root BeerRemember when butterscotch root beer was all new and exciting? Those were fun times. Now it is becoming ever more common, which isn’t a bad thing for people like me who review root beers. This butterscotch root beer is different than the rest, this is the one to make it mainstream. Why? Because AJ Stephans was a long established root beer whose makers looked at the trend, and decided to add to their existing lineup. All of the rest were either stand alone brands which only had a butterscotch root beer, or they were Dang!, who has been doing butterscotch before it was a thing. The problem I’ve observed with so many of those other butterscotch brews is that they are heavy on butterscotch, light on the root beer. But AJ Stephans is a heavy, dark root beer, so maybe they’d find a winning combo?

The Body has a strong butterscotch flavor that doesn’t overpower the root beer flavor. It’s a very good balance. The Bite is not much. Just some carbonation prickle for the most part. The Head is short, but very frothy, so it lingers, but it doesn’t really build. The Aftertaste is creamy butterscotch and vanilla.

Nailed it. This is by far the best butterscotch brew yet. The Head and the Bite could use a little work, but finally I’ve found a butterscotch brew worth keeping stocked up on. See how it rates against other root beers.

4 kegs

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