Jun 222016

Pithy Little Root Beer BottleAh the Pithy Little Root Beer from the Pithy Little Soda Works from the Pithy Little Wine Company. As you can tell, I love saying Pithy Little. This brew was provided by the magnanimous anthony even though he seems to view me as his greatest existential threat since capital letters, for some reason … evidently. The pithy little label has got a rather classic look with a bottle cap and bubbles, though it’s all black and white. I really think it could use some color, it just looks like it should have some colors in there. In case you don’t know what pithy means, they helpfully provide the dictionary definition for you as “1. concise and forcefully expressive” I’m actually glad they provide that, because there’s another definition of pithy that I associate with roots and stuff “2. (of a fruit or plant) containing much pith.” Boy do I hate pithy radishes. So when I think of pithy and root, it’s generally definition 2. This is probably not something you’d want your root beer to be associated with. Pithy little roots, sounds so … not delicious. So them providing definition 1 was a very good idea.

The Body greats you with luscious, sweet vanilla and some caramel but then proves to be rather hollow after that. There really aren’t any other distinguishable flavors. The Bite is distinctly lacking, especially in the spice department. The Head is medium height but fizzes away quickly. The Aftertaste is more delicious vanilla.

I do love me some vanilla, but this really doesn’t have much else. It should be renamed to Pithy Little Vanilla, since that’s the only “concise and forcefully expressive” ingredient. It’s actually quite a fine soda, but falls short as a root beer. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs

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