Nov 182015

Flathead Lake Monster Root Beer BottleShortly after my mission I took a road trip to southern Alberta to visit one of my favorite mission companions for a week. I left home at 3 am on a summer morning and after 10 minutes of driving I noticed the aurora borealis in the sky above me. Wow, in the summer in Washington State? I pulled over and looked at them for awhile. I swear they make noise. Then off again. Near Spokane I saw thunder storms in the distance with the clouds lit up by the lightning. The sky was certainly putting on a show for me. I was sure that it was a good omen. Along the way I also made a point to keep my eyes open for new root beers to try. While I was gassing up in Kalispell Montana I found this root beer in the mini mart. I knew that good things were coming, and finding a new root beer is always a good thing. I bought three bottles and continued on my journey. I had loads of fun and when I got back home a week later I got down to business of reviewing this brew.

The Body is weak, hollow and fruity which I attribute to the citric acid. The Bite is medium. The Head lives up to its name. The Aftertaste is fruity as well.

Yuk. I am not a fan. It says on the bottle that the root beer is fresh. If this is true I wonder why they needed two preservatives (Citric Acid and Sodium Benzoate). It also says “Fight Corporate Root beer.” My suggestion to them is that if this is their objective a good battle plan would be to make a better root beer. Finally, the bottle says “Root beer we make from the bottom of the lake.” I must say that the taste of the brew validates this claim. See how it rates against other root beers.

2 out of 5 root beer kegs

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