Oct 212015

Journey Desert Sage Root Beer BottleThis is the second root beer that I had from the Journey folks. The first one I tried I liked about as well as a punch in the face from the guy that both stole my high school sweetheart and disrespected my grandmother, not that that ever happened, but I’m sure that’s the sort of situation that would make me feel like I felt drinking the first bottle of Journey Root Beer that I drank. Needless to say I had high expectations for this one, not in a good way, but high hopes that this would set a new low in root beer vileness. I mean, they use desert sage in this one, which I can’t imagine would be a good thing at all. Supposedly the Native Americans/American Indians/First Nation/Whatever used to do that as well, or so the bottle claims. But then again, they’d also eat raw deer intestines.

The Body has a gross fruity medicine like flavor which is painful to drink. It is thankfully rather watery for if it were stronger I would probably have puked. It doesn’t really have a Bite, and there is no Head to speak of whatsoever. In all honesty it is the worst root beer head I have ever seen. There is not much Aftertaste but what is there is bad.

How they can even pretend that this is root beer? I agree with the bottle that this is a “Historic Brew” as in the history of root beer few brews have been so vile. I think I may actually prefer raw deer guts to it … maybe not. The bottle is pretty but it was so awful in so many other aspects as to negate half of the keg awarded for the prettiness of the bottle. The company has since gone out of business. I nearly had a heart attack and died of not surprise. See how it rates against other root beers.

Half a root beer keg.

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