Aug 122015

Jackson Hole Buckin' Root Beer When my sister graduated from BYU she asked me to help her move to Pullman, WA where her husband was going to complete his degree. My job in helping included riding along with them so they wouldn’t be as bored. I switched between riding with my sister in their car, and with the moving truck. When we finally got there and he was gassing up the truck before returning it, I found this Jackson Hole Buckin’ Root Beer at the station. The picture doesn’t actually depict a bucking bull, but some dude flying in the air above one. I think it’s implying he got bucked off or something. I never was into rodeo that much but whatever. The rest of the label is nice and orderly without trying to throw a million tag lines at you. That’s a cowboy characteristic for you. It’s buckin’, see it bucked, that’s it.

A nice rooty Body with a spicy Bite made drinking this root beer rather enjoyable. The flavor was like that of a root beer barrel candy. The Head wasn’t very frothy and fizzed away very quickly which disappointed me. The Aftertaste was sweet and spicy. There was a noticeable lack of vanilla flavor so it wasn’t very creamy however.

Not a bad brew, though lacking in a few departments. Factoring the lack of into both body and Aftertaste, coupled with the less than favorable head it is slightly more than drinkable at best. I do know some people who swear this is the best one out there *cough* root beer store guy *cough* but I won’t even give it a Seal. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

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