May 272015

Bottle of Oop! Juice Root Beer The final discontinued root beer obtained through trading with Jon. That man is amazing. To have given me a second chance to do what I missed doing when I should. It’s like those Sci-Fi episodes where some wormhole/spell/secret technology turns back the clock so the hero can redo the failed mission and save the day. Well Jon is my wormhole. And I am grateful. This brew has a name that is both annoying and puzzling. Another ‘!’ in a name? And what does that even mean? There’s some nuns singing. I’m not Catholic, but I’m pretty sure nuns don’t say “Oop!” Interestingly, the nuns appear to be singing that there’s “not a speck of juice in [the Oop! Juice]” That is comforting. Most of the root beers with juice in them have not been good. The bottle also asks you to write a song about how drinking this makes you feel and send it to them. An odd request indeed.

The Body is sweet and heavy. It’s pretty syrupy with a spicy, yet standard, creamy root beer flavor. It’s pretty tastey. There’s not really any Bite, the smallest bit of spice tingle and that’s it. The Head is non-existent and the whole brew is pretty flat. The Aftertaste is caramel spice and vanilla.

This root beer tastes good, but needs more carbonation for me to want to visit it again. I wonder if it all leaked out over time. Jon said that he had tried the old bottles and that they were as carbonated as ever. They were probably going for some mild carbonated half juice type thing, or something. A song huh? Ok, here goes. ♪♫ Oh Oop! Juice, your name is quite confusing, ♪♫ oh Oop Juice, your bubbles are diffusing. ♪♫ Oh Oop! Juice, your too sticky syrupy but potential is inside, but it is far too late to get this message cause you dieeeeeeeeed ♪♫ See how it rates against other root beers.

2.5/5 Root Beer Kegs

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