May 132015

Cold Spring Premium Root Beer Bottle Another one which I received in trade from the great root beer collector Jon. It also seems that this has been discontinued so he gave me one of the world’s last. Truly I must sing his praises. Okay, here goes … ♫♪ Oh Jon, oh Jon, oh great and glorious Jooooooon! ♫♪ … Alright, now that’s over with, on to this Cold Spring. It’s a brewery, you know, with a storied past. There’s a spring there and they use the water to make beer. And root beer, or they did at least. It’s been around for 125+ years so they’ve probably made root beer several times in their “storied” history. Springs seem to been another reoccurring theme with breweries. It makes sense, you kind of need a source of water. They took a Spartan approach to their bottle. A simple circle with the name and the flavor. Some small text above. Who needs anything else? Well most other brands do, that’s who, but not Cold Spring they are so above that, or they were when they were making this at least.

The Body isn’t super sweet and has a nice creamy vanilla flavor to it but it’s light on the other root beer flavors. There’s also something slightly off in the flavors that I can’t place. There really isn’t a lot of Bite to this one, it’s nice and smooth. The Head is medium-tall and lasts a good long while. The Aftertaste is creamy vanilla.

This is pretty decent but not all there. It’s almost more cream soda than root beer, which I don’t mind terribly but I prefer it reversed. Still, I miss this already, even though we just met. Not in a sobbing and crying way, but still. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

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