Apr 122015

The Brew Kettle Hand Crafted Root Beer Bottle This one comes from Strongsville, Ohio, from a place called The Brew Kettle. They got their start in 1995 as Ringneck Brewing Co and somewhere in their expansion from a three barrel brewery to the “massive” 20 odd barrel brewery they are today they decided to change their name. They have a taproom and smokehouse and the option to brew your own custom beers, like Vinepark or Brew Bakers. But all of that is secondary to me, as I care only about the root beer, which sadly, isn’t even mentioned on their website. I had to send them an inquiry to see if they actually made a root beer and they were kind enough to send me some to try. The label is very simple and doesn’t really give me a whole lot to write about, other than mentioning that this was the straightest label of the three bottles I got. They are all sort of crooked and cockeyed … which adds character? If you’ve got OCD about everything being straight and lined up like Poirot, you may not be able to handle it. But I care more about what’s inside.

The Body is full with a hint of fruit that detracts from an otherwise pleasing, yet standard, creamy root beer flavor. The Bite is present, both in carbonation and in spice, though there is nothing remarkable about it. The Head is nice and tall and starts very frothy then forms large bubbles as it fizzes down. The Aftertaste is some fruity vanilla.

This is pretty good, but I don’t like the fruity. I never like the fruity. If you like a slightly fruity creamy root beer, you’ll probably love this. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs

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