Nov 122014

Thunder Beast Root Beer Bottle Prepare yourself for the most Metal root beer I’ve ever encountered. With a name that you’d expect to see for the opening band at a Slayer concert, Thunder Beast is hard core. The label is chalk full of lightning bolts, with one infernal crimson bolt breathing life into the demonic red-eyed bison though an explosion of electric fire. The fiery beast is charging towards the U.S. Capitol, unleashing his fury upon the denizens of the land. All while Abraham Lincoln approving watches from his shattered memorial with shades and a frosty mug of brew, pleased that the current incompetent law makers of this fine land are receiving their comeuppance. You want more Metal, then “Drink Thunder!” Need more, this is fire-brewed, no doubt in the very flames of Muspelheim, at a brewery that fanatically specializes in the arts of root beer.

The Body sports a maple butterscotch flavor on the initial contact which then reveals a rather light traditional root beer flavor. There’s also something else in there that’s a bit out of place. The Bite has kind of a sour acid burn but not much else. It’s not smooth either. The Head is medium-short but very foamy and it lasts as it should. The Aftertaste is light maple and butterscotch.

That is one of the most original tasting brews I’ve ever had. I really like butterscotch and maple and this the first time that I’ve ever had them paired. It could use a bit more depth in the Body and Bite department though. I like what these guys are doing over there in DC. They claim there’ll be other flavors down the line and I can’t wait. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

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