Apr 022014

Waialua Root Beer Bottle This is the first and only root beer that I’ve had so far from Hawaii. That begs the question of whether I’ve had a root beer from every state. Without looking back at the 200 odd brews I’ve tried at this point I can definitively say ‘no’. That’s because I have as of yet utterly failed to procure anything from Alaska. It’s up there, but I can’t get it. Someday … But anyhow, Waialua, since it’s from Hawaii, it has a hula girl on the label. Good. If it didn’t there would be problems for sure. There’s some other stuff there like “finest Hawaiian quality” and some squiggly lines at the bottom which may or may not be Japanese or some other Asian script, but who cares, there’s a hula girl and that is all that needs to be looked at. A curious thing about this is the sweetener used. They use “cane sugar” and “Maui natural white cane sugar”, the difference between those two is difficult to grasp. Since Hawaii is a sugar exporting state, I doubt they’re bringing in Brazilian sugar for this brew. So why not just call it all Hawaiian cane sugar? We may never know.

The Body was weak and not very flavorful, you could taste the right stuff but you had to look very hard to find it. The Bite was nothing special. The Head was large but not frothy at all. It fizzed away in several seconds. The Aftertaste was a very weak vanilla flavor that was almost instantly gone after it appeared.

So, way watered down. Maybe if they put two to three times the flavor it would be something worth talking about, however, as it was, when I finished drinking it, I looked down at my empty glass asking myself, what did I just drink? If it hadn’t said root beer on the label, I wouldn’t have known. See how it rates against other root beers.

2 out of 5 root beer kegs

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