Jan 082014

Rocky Mountain Root Beer Bottle Another acquired through trade from anthony. I should probably be more diligent in getting these Western root beers without having to appeal to the East Coast to get them. I almost love this label. The shiny, the bighorn sheep, the mountain scenery, the classy seal that … doesn’t quite … line up with the text … gaaaah! Really, why? Why would you put your classy shiny seal slightly off center? Just to grate my nerves I suppose. This root beer also has the distinction of being made with “Colorado Water” which I hope has some tasty minerals or something. I’m still going to just leave it as water in the root beer ingredients list (fun fact, I actually don’t list water as its pretty much given). Another curiosity is that they claim it’s “All Natural” so I suppose the potassium sorbate is naturally occurring. Maybe that’s what’s special about the Colorado Water.

The Body is mild but spicy with licorice and wintergreen and I almost want to say vanilla. It’s also a little bitter. There’s a solid spicy Bite and the carbonation level is nice too. The Head is very tall but fizzes down very quickly. The Aftertaste is mostly a sugar. The first bottle of this that I had, however, was really hollow with no spice and with a bitter chemical flavor.

Hmm, it is rare to have two bottles of the same brew be so different. I know it is batch brewed but I shouldn’t think that the difference between batches would be so pronounced. Though the second bottle was much better than the first, and raised the overall rating substantially, I don’t think I’d risk drinking it again just in case. See how it rates against other root beers.

2.5/5 Root Beer Kegs

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