Apr 102013

DougieDog Butterscotch Root Beer BottleNo, I didn’t forget a space in the name. The website clearly states that they are “DougieDog” much to the chagrin of those who either love proper grammatical syntax or who inexplicably hate capital letters. I am one of the former myself and find this slightly annoying. It could be worse I suppose, they could put an exclamation point or some other punctuation in their name. This is one of only two butterscotch root beers that I know of and incidentally the other one, Dang! That’s Good Butterscotch, has an exclamation in their name. Maybe those who have a penchant for butterscotch root beers are by nature the sort who throw convention to the wind and hence the flavors and names. DougieDog (still hate writing it, it’s like a variable name in a computer program) continues the great American tradition of pairing a hot dog stand with root beer with a Canadian twist, because they’re Canadian.

The Body is very sweet like candy but not overly full. After the initial contact a butterscotch candy flavor comes in which is pretty good. The Bite is decent but nothing special. The Head is weak and fizzes away instantly which I despise. The Aftertaste is a creamy, sticky butterscotch flavor which is delicious.

So I like it. Overall it has a good flavor and it gets bonus points for working in something unique like butterscotch, but a horrible head sealed its fate. So I know the question you’re asking, how does it stack up against the other butterscotch root beer. I like this one’s flavor a bit more since the butterscotch is toned down and the rest of the root beer flavors are more balanced, the Bite and Aftertaste are about the same, but the Head here is so awful it ends up rating a bit lower. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

  4 Responses to “DougieDog Butterscotch Root Beer”

  1. strangely i think the company name is actually “dougieDOG” which is probably even worse for you and your “proper” “grammatical” “syntax.” alas. and some alack too.

    • I actually wasn’t sure, as in several places they called it either DougieDog, dougieDOG, or Dougie Dog, though DougieDog seemed the most frequently used. Another cardinal sin of root beer naming in my book. Some people just don’t want to conform. And “proper grammatical syntax” is both proper grammar and syntax, but I’ll concede it isn’t the best way to say it.

  2. I heard Dang! private labels this for Dougie Dog?? Just a rumor ….

    • I have heard this as well though I haven’t investigated it. From the bottles the ingredients and nutritional information are different so even if Dang! does bottle it, it is a different recipe so it’s a unique root beer from Dang!

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