Jan 232013

The very first grad school class I ever took involved having assigned homework partners for the entire class and lots of Matlab coding. As the Matlab expert on my team, I was assigned the task of writing the scripts to solve the problems. But I wanted to make sure that any script I wrote would be able to solve any problem of that type and spent extra time writing them. I said that I was writing robust code, though I’m not sure that is the proper term. I went on so much on the robustness of my code that one of my teammates called our team The Robusters. This was of course the first thing that I thought of when I saw Robusto Root Beer. The next thing I thought of was Robinson Crusoe, who doesn’t actually have the same name but it is phonetically similar. So evidently the Caruso family loved to make sodas, and though they’ve departed this world, they left the legacy of root beer (Robusto nonetheless), which is the best thing to be remembered by.

What an unbelievable Head! It foamed up so much that it spilled over and I still had a quarter bottle left to pour. It was frothy too though it could be frothier. The Body was rather unimpressive. It was good on the initial contact and slightly creamy, but after that it was very hollow. Then there was that amazing Head, taller than Henry’s. The Bite was decent. Nothing special though. Did I mention the Head? Wow! I had to lower my pouring height for the subsequent bottles so it wouldn’t overflow. The Aftertaste was rather lackluster like the Body. It was kind of icky with a hint of fruity and vanilla.

It seems that the Carusos really only wanted to be remembered for one thing and one thing only, unbelievable Head on their root beer. The rest of it is pretty meh, not bad really but nothing spectacular. I do have to give bonus points for the Head though. It’s pretty unforgettable and with that, the Legacy of the Caruso’s lives on. See how it rates against other root beers.

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  1. Where is Caruso’s Legacy Brewed and Bottled?
    TX for your blog! I, too, love root beer!

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