Oct 312012

This was one of those root beers that was just impossible to get a hold of. I had seen it on another reviewer’s site, and then I scoured the internet to no avail. Every now and then I’d scour again. I kept finding one place that said they had it, but they’d never respond to my emails. Finally at long last they did. They told me I could come into their store and get some, but it was about 1,000 miles away. When I told them that they said that I could call the brewery and gave me the number. Ah, now I was getting somewhere. I called and they said they’d ship me two bottles, and asked for my credit card info. They didn’t tell me how much it would cost though. Talk about your leap of faith. Thankfully it was under $15. I really like the bottle. The river flowing through the desert reminds me of the Columbia snaking through the sage brush steppe on which I spent my formative years.

The Body is very interesting and unique. It isn’t very sweet. It is mild and has a minty clove flavor with some anise. There is also a pronounced sour flavor that comes in after the initial contact. The whole combination comes off strange and not good. It has a solid bite from the cloves that isn’t too much. The Head is tall but fizzes down very quickly. The Aftertaste is sour minty licorice with a hint of clove.

Yuk! It is a strange brew indeed. I don’t know what it is, maybe the lack of sassafras (yes), the lack of vanilla (yes, YES), and the roasted malt barely (they put THAT in there?), but this root beer is way off base. I wouldn’t say it’s way 2 cool, maybe way 2 weird, or way 2 wrong or something. I’m not totally sure, but I think they got the 2 part right. See how it rates against other root beers.

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  1. I tasted Way 2 Cool Root Beer at lunch in Madrid, New Mexico last October and I’ve tried to find more to buy ever since then. This brand has the true, rich, full-bodied, mellow taste of old fashioned home made root beer. I would give Way 2 Cool Root Beer a very high rating, for my tastes I’d give the highest rating for great old fashioned flavor.

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