Sep 192012

When I first learned about this one I was in the process of seeking out new brews to try so I immediately sent them an email to see if they would mail order it. They said they couldn’t since they didn’t bottle much and it had to be refrigerated at all times. This was rather saddening but I figured if I ever go to Brooklyn, I’d look them up. A few days later I received a root beer shipment (part of a trade) from the one and only anthony which had an ice pack and two bottles of this root beer. What joy! anthony, you read my mind. I think that this has elevated him to the status of Root Beer Wizard. The bottle itself sets a new record I think for low budget labeling. The label itself looks like those blank name-tag stickers with “brooklynsodaworks” printed all over it in courier font with “Root Beer” scrawled on there in Sharpie. Though, at New York wages, plus benefits, it may actually be the most expensive label there is. When I poured it out however, it was orange-ish color. I said out loud, “I’m … hesitant”

The Body is different, that’s for sure. It tastes fruity and herbal with ginger and some vanilla coming through. There really isn’t a sassafras flavor to it at all, but rather, lemon and herbs and spices. It reminds me of those lemon ginger herbal teas that I love so much. The Bite has a decent ginger kick with a light carbonation tingle. The Head is on the short side, but very frothy and lingers a long time. The Aftertaste is light lemon and ginger with the slightest hints of vanilla that fades quickly.

So, this is basically a cold, carbonated herb tea. It is very light and refreshing. I do like it, but if I were blindfolded and tasted it, or actually if I were just given a glass and asked what it was, root beer would probably be at the bottom of the list. It’s probably the best doesn’t-taste-like-root-beer root beer I’ve had yet, but to be rated as a drinkable root beer, it actually needs to taste like a root beer. See how it rates against other root beers.

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