Aug 082012

Firemans Brew is the creation of some fireman in LA who thought it would be cool to both make a whole line of refreshing micro-brewed drinks, made by firemen for firemen, and confuse spell checkers by not putting an apostrophe in between the ‘n’ and the ‘s’ in their company name, even though it is clearly a possessive. Well, actually I don’t know if the second was truly one of their stated objectives but they accomplished it nonetheless. Maybe they were trying to say firemen in a cooler way, like firemans, but you’d have to be an L.A. fireman to get the joke, I’m not sure. I do love the idea of a fireman root beer, because you know, things are pretty tough for firemen and they run into burning buildings and save people so they deserve a good brew to relax into after saving little Timmy and then getting the cat out of the tree and whatnot. It’s got a pretty classy look too, probably to impress the ladies, since they always go for a guy in uniform, or a root beer for that matter. I love the line “Extinguish your thirst” even if it is entirely expected in this case.

The Body is dark and a tad creamy from what seems a hint of vanilla. There seems to be some anise and wintergreen. It tastes rather generic though; I swear I’ve had numerous root beers with this same flavor repertoire. It is toned down from some of those stouts so it isn’t too bad. The Bite is decent, and the overall brew is pretty smooth. The Head is tall and pretty frothy. It fizzes down a bit quicker than I prefer but it is still good. The Aftertaste is a dark anise flavor with accents of vanilla and wintergreen.

So it seems that these firemans like stout anise-y brews. I can’t say that they’re my favorites but this one isn’t bad. I really struggled about where to rate this one. It’s a decent brew but doesn’t seem to have any really distinguishing qualities about it to boost it over the top. The nice Head though was eventually enough to push it above a 3 to a low 3.5. See how it rates against other root beers.

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