Jan 252012

So this root beer had a lot of stuff they claimed on the label. It’s an “Extra Rich Draft Style Soda” It’s also “Caffeine Free” though I don’t know why so many root beers make a point of claiming that since almost all root beers are caffeine free. I do like draft style and extra rich, though, I’ve found that it’s about 50% of the root beers are what they claim with regards to taste and texture. But there’s more. It is also “Made with micro filtered naturally pure water” which I suppose means that they use an all natural micro filter or something. Maybe they found a natural micro filter and used that on the water. Surely they couldn’t use a regular micro filter on naturally pure water because if the water was already pure what is the point of micro filtering it again. Maybe the brewers have a little OCD with washing their hands and demand double purity. Either way, there is a lot of text on this label. I guess pictures are overrated.

It has a sweet creamy Body that is sadly also watery. It has all of the right flavors but they’re just watered down. The Bite is excellent. It comes in solid after the initial contact with both carbonation and some cinnamon spice that finishes smooth. The Head is almost perfect. It’s very tall but could be a little frothier. I’ll even go so far as saying that it has a “draft style” Head. The Aftertaste is a light vanilla and spices but quickly washes away under all of the extra water they put in this.

It appears that they took a great root beer, and then watered it down to stretch it farther. You know cut costs in the tight economy or something. It’s a shame. If they kept it to the original potency this has all of the makings for a top ranking. Oh well. See how it rates against other root beers.

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