Dec 072011

Wait, Langers makes a root beer? Langers makes juices. That’s what I remember from my days at BYU. I loved buying Langers fruit juices. They were usually cheaper and always 100% natural. I see them up here in the Seattle area as well. So when did they migrate into sodas? I can’t say. Langers’ own website doesn’t talk about their Gourmet Soda line. Maybe it’s their dirty little secret. True to their juice line, this root beer is also all natural. Though I don’t usually read ingredients or nutritional information before I drink the first bottle, they brag about some of their ingredients on the front of the bottle and I couldn’t help but notice they use Madagascar vanilla. Well that makes me happy since I served my mission in Madagascar and know all about their lovely vanilla. I also noticed honey on the front so I got pretty excited, since those are two of the things I like to taste in my root beers.

The Body is rather weak. It has a really strong honey flavor with some vanilla and some spices, but the core root beer flavors are really missing. It is pretty creamy. The Bite is pretty mild a slight tingle of carbonation and spices that goes down really smooth. The Head is pathetic. Barely more than a Two Second Head and then it is nearly flat afterwards. The Aftertaste is honey, lots of honey, sticky slightly spicy honey.

So, quite a disappointment. Though I do like honey in my root beer, this is really just too much. It is more like a tad bit of root beer with my honey. It doesn’t taste much like root beer, more like a creamy honey soda. It is actually a pretty decent honey soda and since I feel root beer should have those flavors, I think it isn’t too off the mark to be less than Drinkable, but no higher. See how it rates against other root beers.

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