Dec 092015

Old No. 3 Root Beer BottleSeal of Approval What’s with all the old number root beers lately. I mean, two in two weeks? What’s that anthony thinking, sending me only old number stuff. I want some fresh root beer. This is made by the Milwaukee Brewing Company. So proud are they of their concoction, that no mention of it can be found on their website at all, even using the search. The only way I know its the same place is because the url on the bottle, which doesn’t actually work. But the MKE logo is the same. Yup. This root beer is clearly one of their favorite products. It’s also a tribute to firemen. It’s hard to tell on the label, because it wraps around, but there’s a fireman on the left side spraying water on the fire in the middle. The text on the right say’s how it’s a tribute to firemen everywhere. Kind of makes me wonder, if they like firemen so much, why don’t they tell anyone about the root beer they made for them? There also is no explanation of why it’s called Old No. 3.

The Body is very sweet and rich and creamy. There’s lots of vanilla and a sort of caramel flavor. The Bite is very nice. There is just enough spice burn to feel after a few seconds but not too much. The carbonation level is also perfect. The Head is good; medium height and lingers throughout the entire drinking experience. The Aftertaste is rich vanilla with some spiced caramel.

Delicious, delicious. This has pretty much everything I like in a root beer. So why all of the hush hush? A brew like this is one that you shout about from the roof tops for all the world to know about. I’ll have to let them know how good it is. Maybe they don’t know. See how it rates against other root beers.

4 kegs

Sep 262015

Deadworld Slow Decay Vanilla Root Beer BottleSeal of ApprovalThe other flavor of zombie root beer from Deadworld Zombie Sodas which is bottled by Caprice Brands. I got this in the same combo pack as the Twilight Shuffler Root Beer. The fact that there are two zombie themed brews makes zombie fans like me overjoyed. This vanilla root beer is named after the lepers from the Deadworld comic series. These lepers are the victims of bizarre experiments of killing the flesh with the leprosy infection. As a result, these lepers are neither human nor zombie. But since their flesh is decayed, they can travel undetected amongst the zombie hordes. It’s an interesting price to pay for zombie camouflage. Though my bottle features the chesty woman in white, there are three other label pictures for this as each flavor has four different labels. My favorite for this flavor is the assassin looking woman, but sadly that’s not what I got. This one’s not bad though.

The Body is full of sweet vanilla washing all over everything, including a solid root beer core that has nothing lacking. This is followed by a spicy Bite that finishes smooth with good carbonation levels as well. The Head is tall with moderate staying power. It doesn’t disappoint. It all ends with a spicy vanilla Aftertaste that lasts and lasts. There’s a hint of wintergreen in there as well.

I love vanilla brews and this one is just fabulous, the best one yet, of both the Deadworld brews and all vanilla root beers up till now. So next time you have a zombie tag game or a zombie themed party or you just want to sit down to your favorite zombie show, get some Deadworld. You won’t regret it. See how it rates against other root beers.

4 kegs

Sep 092015

Bottle of Jones Soda Co. Root BeerSeal of ApprovalOne of the first 10 root beers that I ever had. I found this at a gas station somewhere in southern Washington State. We were returning from the family trip to California where I found the Mendocino Taubold’s Private Reserve Root Beer. Jones is actually based in Seattle and I’ve walked past their headquarters near Safeco Field many times on the way to Mariners games. Jones is unique in that they always are changing the picture on their label. The pictures that they use are submitted by people and voted on. Sadly, no picture of mine has made it to the label, though they let you order custom labels as a consolation prize.

A sweet, pleasant Body though a little on the light side but not too weak. The flavor is what root beer should taste like. It has a strong carbonation Bite leaning a little on the harsh side but not too harsh. The Head is tall though a it dissipates faster than I would like but the liquid stays fizzy and therefore still desirable. The Aftertaste is good and of the original flavor and fades away gradually.

All in all, there is nothing really wrong with this and a lot right. I really enjoy it. At one point in 2005 or so, I reviewed it again to see if I really liked it as much as I had when I found it in the 1998. I did. I like it. It’s good. I’ll “Run with the little guy”. See how it rates against other root beers.

4 kegs